2008/05/18 Flyweight.mp3 [完成]
2007/07/18 Memento ver 0.18 miner update by Mucchi
2007/05/28 Memento ver 0.17 miner update by Mucchi
2007/03/25 Factory Method Video uploaded [完成]
2007/03/21 Factory Method.mp3 [完成]
2007/03/12 Memento ver 0.15 Reconstructed by Mucchi

DP Satellites

ソフトウェア開発のオブジェクト指向設計手法 Design Patterns(デザインパターン) のイメージサウンド & ムービー。 DP は、Design Patterns(デザインパターン) を意味する。 ネット上でメンバー間の録音、映像ファイルをやりとりすることで作品を完成させていく。1曲/1年のペースで創作中、2025年全曲完成予定。

Image Sounds & Movies of Design Patterns which is the method of object oriented software development. DP stands for Design Patterns. We are creating each tunes by sending and receiving the recorded data between members through internet.

  • Abstract Factory (MP3, WMV, YouTube)
  • Adapter (MP3)
  • Chain of Responsibility (MP3) Under Construction/作成中
  • Command (MP3) Under Construction/作成中
  • Factory Method (MP3, WMV)
  • Flyweight (MP3) [NEW]
  • Iterator (MP3, WMV, YouTube)
  • Memento (MP3) Under Construction/作成中
  • Prototype (MP3, WMV, YouTube)
  • Singleton (MP3, WMV, YouTube)

    参考文献 / Reference / Members ...

    1. Abstract Factory


      Provide an interface for creating families of related or dependent objects without specifying their concrete classes.

      [Video] AbstractFactory.wmv 9.3MB (2004/04/17), (2006/5/25)
      [Audio] AbstractFactory.mp3 4.5MB (2004/04/08)

      Guitar & Concept: M.Sumiyoshi
      Engineer(Bass, Piano Programming): Hatazo (from uptail)
      SAX & Back Ground Sound: Sekiyama
      VJ: Como

    2. Adapter

      あるクラスのインタフェースを、クライアントが求めるほかのインタフェースへ変換する。Adapter パターンは、インタフェースに互換性のないクラス同士を組み合わせることができるようにする

      Convert the interface of a class into another interface clients expect. Adapter lets classes work together that couldn't otherwise because of incompatible interfces.

      [Audio] Adapter.mp3 4.8MB (2005/04/19)

      Adapter_ver06.mp3 (ver 0.6) 3.5MB (2004/09/20)
      Adapter_ver05.mp3 (ver 0.5) 3.6MB (2004/07/22)

      Guitar & Concept: M.Sumiyoshi
      Drums Programming, Back Ground Noise & Concept: MaS
      Bass Programming, Back Ground Sound, Mix Down & Mastering: Hatazo (from uptail)
      SAX: Sekiyama
      Engine Sound: RX-8(MAZDA)
      Photo: GTR(NISSAN) by BNR32GTR

    3. Bridge
    4. Builder

    5. Chain of Responsibility


      Avoid coupling the sender of a request to its receiver by giving more than one object a chance to handle the request. Chain the receiving objects and pass the request along the chain until an object handles it.

      Under Construction/作成中
      [Audio] ChainOfResponsibility_ver00.mp3 (ver 0.01) 1.5MB (2005/12/14)

      Concept: M.Sumiyoshi
      Drums Programming, Guitar, Keyboard, Back Ground Sound & Concept: MaS

    6. Command


      Encapsulate a request as an object, thereby letting you parameterize clients with different requests, queue or log requests, and support undoable operations.

      Under Construction/作成中
      [Audio] Command_ver07.mp3 (ver 0.7) 3.6MB (2006/01/09)
      [Audio] Command_ver04.mp3 (ver 0.4) 3.5MB (2005/03/03)
      [Audio] Command_ver03.mp3 (ver 0.3) 3.4MB (2005/01/04)
      [Audio] Command_ver01.mp3 (ver 0.1) 3.7MB (2004/07/22)

      Concept, Guitar & Programming: M.Sumiyoshi

    7. Composite
    8. Decorator
    9. Facade

    10. Factory Method

      オブジェクトを生成するときのインタフェースだけを規定して、実際にどのクラスをインスタンス化するかはサブクラスが決めるようにする。Factory Method パターンは、インスタンス化をサブクラスに任せる。

      Define an interface for creating an object, but let subclasses decide which class to instantiate. Factory Method lets a class defer instantiation to subclasses.

      [Video] FactoryMethod.wmv 15.6MB (2007/03/25)
      [Audio] FactoryMethod.mp3 2.7MB (2007/03/21) - Add Sax, Mix Down & Mastering

      FactoryMethod_ver025.mp3 (ver 0.25) 2.7MB (2007/02/25) - add Exhaust Note (CB750F)
      FactoryMethod_ver02.mp3 (ver 0.2) 2.7MB (2006/12/30) - add Guitar1
      FactoryMethod_ver01.mp3 (ver 0.1) 2.7MB (2006/12/08)
      FactoryMethod_ver00.mp3 (ver 0.01) 2.7MB (2005/01/03)

      Concept, Bass Remix, Guitar, Mix Down & Mastering: M.Sumiyoshi
      Drums Programming, Back Ground Sound & Concept: MaS
      SAX & Effected Sax Noise: Sekiyama
      Exhaust Note: CB750F(HONDA) By Como
      Special Thanx: shusaku - bass tune "paririn"
      VJ: M.Sumiyoshi (Kazatachi AD)

    11. Flyweight


      Use sharing to support large numbers of fine-grained objects efficiently.

      [Audio] Flyweight.mp3 3.7MB (2008/05/18) [NEW]

      Programming & Design Patterns Concept Adjust: M.Sumiyoshi
      Special Thanx: mutaro-san (Vocal Track)
      Reference: ニコニコ動画(mutaro-san) 【鏡音リン・レン】あの双子が円周率1000桁に挑戦【オリジナル】

    12. Interpreter

    13. Iterator


      Provide a way to access the elements of an aggregate object sequentially without exposing its underlying representation.

      [Video] Iterator.wmv 7.0MB (2003/10/25), (2006/5/25)
      [Audio] Iterator.mp3 3.4MB (2002/12/23)

      Guitar & Concept: M.Sumiyoshi
      Engineer: Hatazo (from uptail)
      VJ: Como

    14. Mediator

    15. Memento


      Without violating encapsulation, capture and externalize an object's internal state so that the object can be restored to this state later.

      Under Construction/作成中
      [Audio] Memento_ver018.mp3 (ver 0.18) 5.0MB (2007/07/18) - miner update by Mucchi
      [Audio] Memento_ver017.mp3 (ver 0.17) 5.0MB (2007/05/28) - miner update by Mucchi
      [Audio] Memento_ver015.mp3 (ver 0.15) 5.4MB (2007/03/12) - Reconstructed by Mucchi
      [Audio] Memento_ver01.mp3 (ver 0.1) 2.0MB (2007/02/13) - Created

      Concept: M.Sumiyoshi
      Drums Programming, Keyboard, Back Ground Sound & Concept: Mucchi

    16. Observer

    17. Prototype


      Specify the kinds of objects to create using a prototypical instance, and create new objects by copying this prototype.

      [Video] Prototype.wmv 12.2 MB (2006/07/22), (2006/07/22)
      [Audio] Prototype.mp3 3.0MB (2006/05/07)

      [Audio] Prototype_ver025.mp3 (ver 0.25) 3.0MB (2006/03/29)
      [Audio] Prototype_ver02.mp3 (ver 0.2) 3.0MB (2005/11/19)
      [Audio] Prototype_ver01.mp3 (ver 0.1) 3.0MB (2005/05/16)
      [Audio] Prototype_ver00.mp3 (ver 0.01) 3.0MB (2005/01/03)

      Concept, Guitar, Bass Programming & Mix Down: M.Sumiyoshi
      Main Guitar: BNR32GTR
      Drums Programming, Back Ground Sound & Concept: MaS
      VJ: M.Sumiyoshi (Kazatachi AD)

    18. Proxy

    19. Singleton


      Ensure a class only has one instance, and provide a global point of access to it.

      [Video] Singleton.wmv 13.3 MB (2006/07/18), (2006/07/18)
      [Audio] Singleton.mp3 3.4MB (2006/04/30)

      [Audio] Singleton_ver01.mp3 (ver 0.1) 3.5MB (2005/05/16)
      [Audio] Singleton_ver00.mp3 (ver 0.01) 3.2MB (2005/01/03)

      Concept, Guitar & Mix Down: M.Sumiyoshi
      Main Guitar: BNR32GTR
      Drums Programming, Back Ground Sound & Concept: MaS
      VJ: M.Sumiyoshi (Kazatachi AD)

    20. State
    21. Strategy
    22. Template Method
    23. Visitor

    参考文献 / Reference
    Boom Boom Satellites (Official Home Page)
    Java言語で学ぶデザインパターン入門 (結城 浩 著) / ソフトバンク パブリッシング
    デザインパターン改定版 / ソフトバンク パブリッシング
    Design Patterms Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software /Addison-Wesley

    Guitar, Concept & VJ : M.Sumiyoshi (VJ Since 2006/07)
    Engineer & Program: Hatazo (from uptail)
    Engineer & Program: MaS (Join 2004/04)
    Guitar: BNR32GTR (Join 2006/1)
    SAX: Sekiyama
    VJ: Como
    Engineer & Program: Mucchi (Join 2007/02)

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    2005/12/14 "Chain Of Responsibility_ver0.01" (First Release)
    2005/11/19 "Prototype_ver0.2"(Guitar Sound Update)
    2005/07/25 DP Satellites掲載 "デザイン・パターン命名のカッコ良さ!", 月刊I/O, 工学社, 2005年 8月号 p.22
    2005/05/16 "Singleton/Prototype ver 0.1"
    2005/04/19 "Adapter.mp3"
    2005/03/03 "Command ver 0.4"
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    2004/09/20 "Adapter ver 0.6"
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